Fans of the SHIBA Meme online community have created a new crypto token. FOXSHIBA hopes to win over Shiba’s heart with his newfound transaction speed and adorableness. In crypto memes, it is one of the most rapidly expanding communities. Our mission is to make crypto accessible to the general public. Based on Binance Smart Chain, FOXSHIBA has block times of less than 5 seconds and lower gas fees than Ethereum.

Why FoxShiba?

Passion for Learning

FOXSHIBA has a strong desire to learn as much as possible about the crypto and DeFi industries. All members of the FOXSHIBA community (personally and professionally) will continue to learn, question, and expand their horizons (both personally and professionally). There is never a good time to stop learning and passing on what you’ve learned.

Edgy and Rebellious

FOXSHIBA’s attitude is edgy and rebellious in a positive sense. An edgy impression will be created in the community. However, this is due to the fact that the community is on the cliff edge of DeFi.

Giving Back

FOXSHIBA is a firm believer in giving back to the community and has a long history of supporting charitable causes. FOXSHIBA believes that love and compassion are essential to improve the world for everyone. It is a goal of FOXSHIBA, on the other hand, to ensure that the decisions and actions of those in the crypto and DeFi space are beneficial to society as a whole.


Our goal is to continually keep our holders up to date on our business’s current and future directions openly and transparently. We believe that we are only as strong as our unity as a group. Our team believes in the importance of community and works hard to include people from all over the world.

Breakthrough Innovation

our project is at the cutting edge of technological advancement. The market leader is the community, not the follower. The community thrives even though a culture of breakthrough innovation is uncomfortable and at times difficult.

Leveraging the Power of DeFi

With the help of DeFi, anyone can take control of their financial future and become a better person in the process. The community has a deep desire to help other community members, no matter where they are in the world. FOXSHIBA does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, or gender.

Professional and Respectful

FOXSHIBA will stand firm on the foundation of professionalism and respect for human beings. People and leaders in the community should make an effort always to treat one another with respect, even when they are inflexible about a particular issue. Every community member and investor member should feel valued, respected, and heard.


Trust is essential in cryptocurrency, and it is something we take seriously. This means not only providing transparency, but security as well. We’ve burnt our liquidity tokens, so they are locked forever and have invested in security audits of FOXSHIBA’S contract code.


FOXSHIBA is a decentralized project which means the community ultimately owns it. This means we encourage holder contribution towards marketing, community engagement and development.

Token presale

How to buy FOXSHIBA?

NOTE: The minimum purchase is 100USDT


First, install MetaMask / Trust Wallet 

Then, Follow the instructions:

Contract Address: 0x55d3cb2F8e7C9eDEEb0cF8ddB478D30146F2247E CHECK BSCSCAN
you need to send USDT/BNB to following address and received FOXI automatically:

More Informations

  • Symbol FOXI
  • IEO Price 0.016
  • Fundraising Goal 175,000,000 Token

General description

BEP-20 is a Binance Smart Chain token standard created with the intention of extending ERC-20, which is one of the most common Ethereum token standards out there. BEP-20 is a blueprint as to how a token can be spent, who can spend it, and it even has rules about its overall usage.The BEP-20 standard was both derived from and fully compatible with the ERC-20 standard, and the code of the functions that define the BEP-20 standard are modifications of the ERC-20 standard


1st Stage: AIRDROPS
01 SEP 2021
4th Stage: Exchange Listing
15 APRIL 2022
Azbit- Coinsbit
2nd Stage: PRE-SALE
08 OCT 2021
175.000.000 Token
Launch NFT Platform
3rd Stage: IEO Listing
15 March 2022
Azbit- Coinsbit
6th Stage: Leash Token
Development of Leash Token
Leash = “FOXSHIBA Accessories”
  • Token Symbol FOXI
  • Token Sale Start 08-OCT-2021
  • Token Sale End 15-APRIL-2022
  • Tokens for sale 175,000,000
  • IEO Price 0.016
  • Specifications FOXI token
  • Max circulating supply 150,000,000 FOXI
  • Sale duration 6 months

Road map

Our team working hard to make our wish happen and every day we update you with  a good news

2020 Q4
Idea and Concept Generation
Analysis of market needs
Prepare a strategic plan for the next two years
2021 Q1
Research on blockchain networks
Blockchain developments
Releasing Whitepaper
Marketing strategy
2021 Q2
FOXSHIBA first development
Token generation on Binance Smart Chain
Announce Foxshiba Airdrop system
Invite users to join our social media
Expand marketing fund
2021 Q3
Distributed 10M airdrops to 1000 lucky winners
ICO Listing
Update whitepaper
Expand marketing fund
2021 Q4
Continue ICO Sale
Continue Advertising
Expand marketing fund
2022 Q1
IEO Listing
Exchange Listing
2022 Q2
Expand Marketing/Development
Listing on more exchanges
Development of LEASHFOX
NFT development
2022 Q3
Continue Development
Development of CEX
Disturbed LEASHFOX


FOXSHIBA is entirely decentralized and controlled by its active and intriguing community. Different points of view are welcomed and accepted, resulting in FOXSHIBA being the best crypto community. A good mission to help save Foxes in need. As you make purchases, you’ll see the value of your FOXSHIBA rise. FOXSHIBA aims to reshape and evolve decentralized finance (DeFi) by focusing on passive income, security, and access.

Decentralizing financial transactions and making a cutting-edge financial system available to everyone are the primary goals of FOXSHIBA. In addition, FOXSHIBA’s goal is to provide a comprehensive ecosystem of DeFi tools that are simple to use, secure, and rewarding.

Tokens in the FOXSHIBA ecosystem are hyper-deflationary governance tokens. There is a 2 percent transaction tax that is distributed among all holders; this includes the burn wallet, which is a holder that accumulates tokens over time as transactions occur. To put it another way, putting FOXSHIBA in your wallet means you can earn more.The token’s scarcity rises in direct proportion to the decline in the circulating supply. The supply and demand model is based on this inversely proportional relationship. The number of tokens that can be burned has no upper bound. Liquidity is also boosted by an additional 2% of all transaction fees.


Frequently asked questions

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Fans of the SHIBA Meme online community have created a new crypto token. FOXSHIBA hopes to win over Shiba's heart with his newfound transaction speed and adorableness.

Join our Telegram and follow the robot requirements Robot address: @FoxshibaAirdropBot Telegram: @FoxshibaOfficial Admin: @foxshib_admin

You can either buy from website (FOXSHIBA.com) or join our Telegram (FOXSHIBAOFFICIAL) and contact admin

You can use any wallets support BSC "Binance Smart Chain"

The minimum purchase is 100 USDT

You can either buy from website (FOXSHIBA.com) or join our Telegram (FOXSHIBAOFFICIAL) and contact admin

Foxshiba is not run by any individual company or person. Technically speaking, it operates according to rules agreed by consensus, rather than decided upon by some founding or owning entity.

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is secured by cryptography, in contrast to conventional (fiat) currencies where they are secured by a government or governments.

Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering, in which tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price.

Private Pre-Sale is an event targetted for larger ticket sizes. Think of yourself pitching behind closed doors to Wealthy families, Accredited investors & Fund Managers. You can do a single event or can combine that with one on one meetings with the targets.


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